To stay competitive during these economic times, manufacturers must come up with creative ways to become more efficient, while maintaining product integrity.

AIM’s Custom Kitting Solutions will allow you to:

  • Save Time and Resources: Order one kit, as opposed to numerous individual pieces—AIM’s custom-created kits are designed to your specific needs, large or small. And, complete kits can be bought with a single purchase order.
  • Reduce Waste: Kits only come with the components that you need, and they come in a single package, as apposed to tens or hundreds of individual cardboard containers.
  • Save Space: Kits are assembled and stocked locally and can be delivered daily, weekly, or as needed, saving valuable inventory and floor space, and improving your cash flow.

Case Study:

One of AIM’s customers, a highly recognized manufacturer of healthcare equipment, used to purchase 120 harnesses and cable assemblies on a regular basis. AIM recommended converting to a Custom Kitting Program. Kitting is a way of bundling individual parts for a specific assembly, consolidating to a single assembly.

With this partnership, our customer achieved an 85% reduction in Kanban cards, purchase orders, handling, receiving and accounting transactions. Total reported daily savings was over $4,000.00!